German Kitchens

At Kitchen City we pride ourselves on stocking the most diverse, most robust and most exciting range of kitchens Birmingham has available on the market. However, we would not be living up to this if within our collection of kitchens we did not stock the best of the German kitchen range. German kitchens are extremely popular all over the globe and they have been for years. There are many reasons why German kitchens are the first choice for anyone thinking of a kitchen redesign, we will investigate these below. The main reason we stock German kitchens is because of the many benefits they provide to our customers. We strive to only sell our customers the best of the best when it comes to kitchens and German kitchens are second to none in every respect.


What are German kitchens?

German kitchens are exactly what they sound like, they are kitchens that have been designed and manufactured in Germany by a German kitchen designer. Germany has been renowned and highly regarded for creating the highest quality and most aesthetically pleasing kitchens available. With years of experience, some of the oldest German kitchen designers date back centuries and over time, they have refined their kitchens so that they are now brilliant works of art that are a delight to use. German kitchens have been one of the most popular kitchen choices in Europe for decades, now, German kitchens have also taken over the US and Asia becoming globally recognised as a superior kitchen brand.

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Why are German Kitchens so popular?

Kitchens from Germany, as we have discussed, are extremely popular and there are many reasons for this, here are some of the main benefits of buying a German kitchen:

The history of German kitchen designers:  the history behind these German kitchen designers make buying a German kitchen very appealing. The oldest German kitchen brand, Poggenpohl, was established in 1892 by Friedemir Poggenpohl, this German kitchen designer is often considered to be the oldest kitchen designer in the world, though we cannot confirm this to be the case. Modern kitchen designs began in Germany and was influenced by Bauhaus and the Deutscher Werkbund (German Association of Craftsmen). In 1926 the company, the Frankfurt Kitchen, designed the first functional integrated kitchen and in 1960 SieMatic developed the first handleless kitchen. Throughout the years Germany has provided the world with innovative and functional kitchen designs, always being at the forefront of kitchen designing, which is why they have a sterling reputation for their cutting edge designs.

Continual improvement: German kitchen designers guarantee good prices on their kitchens, this, in turn, lets them to heavily invest in research. A large part of their revenue is reinvested back into research and production which supports German kitchen designers in design new and more kitchen ideas, as well as enhance their current ones. 

Worldwide reputation: as we have touched on, German kitchens are now being sold worldwide. Most German kitchen designers started to export their kitchens in the 1950’s to 1960’s trading traditionally with the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland before expanding this to include countries such as Russia, the US and China. The majority of German kitchen brands export their goods to up to 60 countries. With this, the ‘made in Germany’ badge has become something of a mark of high quality wherever you go.

An engineering background: German kitchen designers are renowned for their exceptional engineering which helps them to produce high quality, robust kitchens with integrated cutting edge technology. By using the latest engineering processes every kitchen from Germany is made to the same high standard.

Reliability: kitchens from Germany are almost always finished on time, meaning no delays for you.

German Kitchens at Kitchen City

We stock a wide range of kitchens from Germany, in all different colours, sizes and shapes, ensuring there is something perfect for your kitchen size and design.  We have sourced the best German kitchen designers, all of whom manufacture their kitchens to the highest standard, giving you peace of mind that your kitchen from Germany will last you and your family for years. The kitchens from Germany we stock are stylish, modern, contemporary and stunning in their appearance, designed to really inject the “wow” factor into your kitchen.

All of our German kitchens come with the same fantastic benefits that the rest of the kitchen range does, including advice from expert and professional designers and fitters and a free, detailed design consultation where we understand exactly what you want from your new kitchen. In addition, we offer 0% interest finance on our kitchens from Germany, helping you to spread the cost of your perfect kitchen over a period of time.

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