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Modern Kitchens Birmingham – At Kitchen City, we are aware that the kitchen is the engine room of the house. It’s the room for doing. Whether that’s wiping, scrubbing, boiling, frying, or grilling, we believe the kitchen is the room for getting things done.

Although not always the case, we’re aware that customers tend to choose a style of kitchen that is in sync with their property. So customers with a slightly older property may be looking for more of a traditional style, whereas customers with a newer property might be looking for something more modern.

We currently boast a range of expertly crafted modern kitchens from German and British suppliers that provide the zenith of modern design. Modern kitchens tend to be minimal, streamlined and offer a sleek feel, so it is important that every modern kitchen we offer embodies these traits.

Modern kitchen versus contemporary kitchen?

A modern kitchen is a kitchen interior design which it is styled keeping up with recent design trends, specifically from the early to mid-20th century where we tore free from the traditional styles of the pre-Industrial Revolution. This modern style is sleek, sophisticated, elegant and quite simple, with frameless cabinets, integrated appliances, contemporary styled hardware and a minimalistic look that is free from clutter. Modern kitchens are usually lightly coloured, often un-patterned but with a statement colour which is usually bold in tone. This colour can be injected onto the wall, cabinets and even seating.

A modern kitchen is actually different to a contemporary kitchen, though the two are often confused and thought of as one design. A contemporary kitchen is designed on current design trends, things that are in fashion right now, this season, but may not be next season or the season after. A contemporary kitchen design will have a strong impact but the style may not be as long-lasting as a modern kitchen. The modern kitchen style has been considered trendy and current for some time and it will continue to be as eye-catching and current for years to come. This makes the modern kitchen much more preferred option to contemporary kitchens Birmingham can offer to people thinking of purchasing a new kitchen. Modern kitchens Birmingham at Kitchen City.

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The features of a modern kitchen

A modern kitchen is made up of a number of different elements which work together to create the design. To create a modern theme, here are some things you should consider about your new kitchen:

Colour: choose your colour scheme, preferably a bold colour and carefully inject it into the room with well-planned accents. Coloured appliances are an excellent way to inject colour, as are the work surfaces, but you should limit yourself and neutralise the colour in your new kitchen with a tone such as white, black or grey.

Stainless steel: nothing suits a modern kitchen better than stainless steel appliances and accessories.

Elegant hardware: these are essentially the handles on your cupboards. For a contemporary design install decorative pulls that have been cut into the lip and integrated into the door.

Integrated appliances: appliances that are hidden away by doors, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, giving the room a sleeker and smoother look.

Integrated sinks: perfect for anyone considering stainless steel work surfaces, integrated sinks are a must to capture the sophisticated, modern look.

Frameless cabinets: just as it sounds, cabinets where you cannot see the frame, making them look sleek and sophisticated.

Horizontal wood: wood placed with the grain going horizontally around the room is a stunning feature of the modern kitchen.

Simple lighting: an elaborate light shade or chandelier has no place in a modern kitchen, something like spotlights would be a far better option for your new kitchen.

Kitchen City home of modern kitchens

Modern Kitchens Birmingham

At Kitchen City, we are proud to offer a beautiful collection of modern kitchens from some of the leading bathroom designers in the industry. With over 30 years of experience, we at Kitchen City have our very own factory where we manufacture the highest quality new modern kitchens Birmingham can provide.

Our highly experienced professional designers and fitters will provide you with a free design consultation where we take the time to appreciate exactly how you want your new kitchen to look and what functions you need it to have. This way we can create the perfect new kitchen for you.

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