Fifty years ago, the shaker style was a hugely popular part of kitchens around Europe. In recent times though, shaker doors have been through a major revival. Now something that would be featured in glossy home magazines, shaker doors are finding their place inside both modern and traditional houses across the country.

An irresistible choice for the style conscious, shaker doors, from Jax and made in our own factory, are a supremely crafted and highly functional augmentation to your kitchen.

What is a Shaker Door?

A shaker door is a style of door that is shaped by traditional influences. They feature a frame and inset panel plus edges that are usually square and free of any profiling. Shaker doors boast a look that is simple as well as tasteful.


The Style for You

Of the various aesthetic forms you may want to consider for your kitchen, the traditional look is one that boasts a certain timeless appeal. Within the process of bringing your vision to life, is deciding what kind of furniture is best suited to your requirements. Whilst practicality is inevitably of great importance, the look that each item of furniture or accessory introduces is crucial as well. And if the traditional kitchen aesthetic is what you desire, then one way to go about achieving this is to opt for shaker doors.

Your Choice

There is an impressive selection of different styles of shaker doors currently available. Two of the available types of shaker doors are an MDF shaker door and MDF shaker door with a veneer. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, maybe solid oak shaker doors and shaker doors with a superb beech frame that offer a slightly different visual charm will suit you. All of the different types of shaker doors are available at different price points, able to suit a variety of disparate budgets. The images below should illustrate not only what is on offer through Kitchen City, but also what impact each of the different styles of shaker doors could potentially make to your kitchen.

It should be pointed out though that the process of acquiring shaker doors from us is not basic, as we are able to adapt to your demands so that you receive something that completely meets your needs.

Shaker doors are an easy way to inject genuine character into your kitchen. Introducing an instantly engaging aesthetic edge to your kitchen’s appearance, our shaker doors are an undeniably affable way to take another step with Kitchen City towards your ideal traditional kitchen.