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Attention to detail – Kitchen Sinks and Taps

We at Kitchen City are proud to provide a range of kitchens that are stunning and sophisticated in their design and coordinated well to ensure the room has the “wow” effect. Over the years we have not only designed and manufactured our very own kitchen range, but also collated some of the best designed kitchens Birmingham has to offer, to provide an extensive collection of gorgeous kitchen interior designs. To create flawless and eye-catching designs we pay close attention to every detail, regardless of how small that detail might be, this includes things like kitchen sinks, worktops, kitchen taps and storage. This is why we have invested our time and resources into creating and stocking a wide range of kitchen accessories, designed to be sleek in design and practically functional for use in the kitchen, these kitchen accessories finish the look of the kitchen.

Our Range of Kitchen Sinks

At Kitchen City we understand that the kitchen sink is an integral part of the kitchen and something that, if well-designed, could actually become a focal point in the room. The kitchen sink is a necessity, simple as that, there’s no alternative option. So if you have to have a kitchen sink then why not make sure it is a kitchen sink that has an impact. Make sure it suits the design and size of your kitchen, that it has all the functions you need and is the best in terms of quality. The kitchen sink range we have on offer in our kitchen accessories collection is extensive, including a beautiful array of kitchen sinks that come in different colours, shapes and sizes. All of the kitchen sinks we stock are not only beautifully crafted, but they are also made from durable and hard wearing materials that are manufactured to make strong, long-lasting kitchen sinks. This gives you the peace of mind that the quality of your kitchen sink will match the quality of the rest of the room, to create a considered and well-designed look.

Our Range of Kitchen Taps

Kitchen sinks are only as good as their taps. You can buy the most stunning kitchen sink available, but if you don’t install matching kitchen tap that is equally as luxurious, the impact of the lovely sink might get lost. At Kitchen City, we understand that event the small details like kitchen taps can make a big difference to the overall look of your kitchen. This is why we provide our customers with a range of kitchen taps, all in different sizes and designs which will help you to find kitchen taps that match your sink, both in how you want it to look and in details such as how many tap holes it requires. These taps range in functions, including mixer taps and even waste options, helping you to find the perfect taps for your needs. In addition, all of our kitchen taps are manufactured to the highest standard, with robust materials that have been carefully crafted to last for years.

Benefits of choosing Kitchen City

There are a number of benefits to buying your kitchen accessories from Kitchen City, including:

  • We provide a collection of kitchen accessories that are designed to match and create a finished and coordinated look.
  • Prior to doing anything, we provide you with a free design consultation, helping you to choose the perfect kitchen accessories, including kitchen sinks and kitchen taps. This helps us to understand exactly what you want and create a design for you to look at.
  • We have a team of expert designers and fitters who ensure that your kitchen, including all the kitchen accessories, has been well-designed and also ensure a smooth installation. This specialist team will answer any questions you might have, provide you with advice and even innovative solutions to kitchen related problems.
  • With our own factory, we have experience in designing and manufacturing the highest quality kitchens and kitchen accessories.  This means that we have developed a sharp eye for attention to detail. When we are looking at the quality of a kitchen we know exactly what to look for and which materials are the most robust. As a result of this, all of the kitchens we stock are of the highest quality and the strongest build, ensuring they last for longer.
  • We provide finance options on our kitchens, with 0% interest rates to help to make your new kitchen and kitchen accessories, much more affordable.

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