Traditional and Shaker Kitchens

Kitchen City’s range of traditional and shaker kitchens behold the beauty that go with long lasting kitchen style. Famous for their simple lines, our traditional and shaker kitchens cleverly create both storage and style.

Shaker furniture is admired around the world for its simple style and high standards of craftsmanship, and yet at Kitchen City, we believe both of these qualities should come as standard.

A key benefit of traditional kitchens comes from their immunity to becoming outdated. They will always stay in fashion. What’s more is most people are accustomed to a traditional kitchen more so than any other, which helps when it comes to selling a property.

Our traditional kitchens are always made with functionality in mind. So every traditional or shaker kitchen that we provide is practical and spacious, and built for a purpose.

As for Shaker Kitchens, their style leans more towards traditionally proportioned doors that are supported by frames and inset panels. Our shaker kitchens use the best in modern manufacturing and cover a variety of materials and finishes, which means every customer can be assured of a high quality kitchen with plenty of colour options.

What are traditional and shaker kitchens?

Traditional kitchens are timeless, created using an ageing effect with furniture styled with a period-era tone. Often made of real wood and sometimes with a hand painted finish, detail is key for traditional kitchens. Though these designer kitchens look aged, they are fully functional and come with cutting edge integrated technology that will make your kitchen tasks much easier, quicker and far more enjoyable. In addition, these kitchens are made to the highest standard and using the best, most robust materials, providing you with a new designer kitchen that will last for years.

Traditional designer kitchen best suits a home that is older and Victorian in feel, though they can suit a modern home perfectly if the house has the interior design with a period-era theme. However, it can be difficult to create this theme if you intend to use some of the existing modern furniture and interiors already within your kitchen. Therefore, if you do choose to install a traditional kitchen into your home be prepared to change pretty much everything.

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Kitchen City traditional and shaker kitchens

At Kitchen City, we are experts in creating stunning designer kitchens in a range of styles, which is why the traditional kitchen range we supply is extensive and beautifully created. We use our expertise to ensure we stock only the best designer kitchens from the best brands so that our customers always receive the highest quality kitchens Birmingham has to offer.

Having our own factory where we manufacture strong and robust kitchens with the strongest materials, we have developed a sharp eye for attention to detail and quality control to make sure our customers get the best of the best. The traditional kitchens in our collection are all varied in terms of size, shape and colour, this helps you to find a kitchen that works best with your interior design idea. In addition to this, all of the traditional and shaker designer kitchens have the latest and most innovative kitchen technology integrated into them, which means your traditional kitchen will have all of the functionalities of a modern kitchen, though its style will look very different.

Why choose Kitchen City’s traditional kitchen

At Kitchen City you don’t just get a well-branded kitchen at a reasonable price, you also get an expert team of designers and fitters who work tirelessly with you to understand your perfect kitchen design and help you to achieve it. This advice from an impartial professional can save you time and money in your kitchen design, it can take a lot of the stress out of redesigning your kitchen, as such it is invaluable to anyone considering a kitchen redesign. We provide all of our customers with a free and in-depth design consultation which not only helps us to create your perfect kitchen, but it also gives you peace of mind that your designers understand exactly what you want. In addition to this, we provide finance options on our kitchens with a 0% interest rate, helping you to spread the cost of your kitchen, making it more affordable.

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